Our Approach

Peter Germann brings an artful balance of intuition, strategic thinking, and purpose to his work in leadership consulting. Peter’s approach to his coaching is centered around creating an insightful and encouraging space for leaders to explore their strengths and weaknesses to better maximize their effectiveness. Clients appreciate his calm, positive, and tailored approach to his coaching, along with his ability to focus energy around driving positive change in leaders and organizations. 

With over four decades of firsthand experience in dynamic corporate settings, Peter has refined his approach as a consultant and executive coach. As an Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant, he also collaborates with organizations such as Good Leadership Enterprises, renowned for their focus on developing leaders. His journey has been one of guiding diverse leaders at all levels of organizations, through the intricacies of change and orchestrating alignment in strategies, systems, structures, and processes to achieve targeted outcomes.

In July 2014, Peter charted his course by establishing Germann Consulting Group, marking a pivotal moment dedicated to the craft of executive coaching. Peter's expertise encompasses executive coaching, strategy formulation, and the facilitation of transformative change initiatives. His academic foundation includes a B.A. in Business Management and an MBA from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Peter finds fulfillment as a devoted husband, father, and a proud grandfather of six. Curious about his passion for collecting life-changing stories? Just ask him!


Meet Peter Germann

  • Coaching executives, directors, and high-potential middle managers, with a passion for helping leaders through role transitions and transformational change
  • Partnering with a wide variety of organizations to incorporate the art of leading sustainable change with their leadership
  • Aligning leadership development initiatives with the organizational goals to achieve positive results for the individual and the organization
  • Motivating leadership development by providing practical, honest feedback in an insightful manner that leverages a leader's ability to succeed
  • Implementing leadership development programs that make a difference- improving the skills and capabilities needed for future challenges and new roles
  • Consulting with human resource executives and utilizing decades of human resource leadership experience to link individuals, teams, and organizational processes to business needs