What is a Brand Cause?

As a values-based company, Germann Consulting Group believes it’s important to invest in our community. We’ve selected three charitable organizations that align with our passions, our mission, and our purpose. If you want to know who we are, and what we are about, dig into these organizations. We hope you find their missions as compelling as we do. Each year, we give back to each of these causes – via pro bono coaching work, volunteer service, fundraising and donations. We want to be both fundraisers and friend raisers to these charities – Germann Consulting Group makes a difference – would you like to join us?

Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF)

Many of you know that in 2013, Ardy Germann passed away from Multiple Myeloma Cancer. Since her diagnosis, Peter and his family have honored his late wife’s memory by fundraising and participating in the Annual MMRF Walk. Since 2012, the Ardy Germann Team has raised over $75,000 for MMRF’s research program. In 2021, the team has set their sights on an impressive fundraising goal of $40,000 – more than double the goal of 2020! For more information, visit the MMRF website at https://themmrf.org.

If you’d like to participate in this year’s walk, or make a donation, visit the Ardy Germann Team Page. We look forward to increasing our impact with this group!

Jeremiah Program

Peter was introduced to the Jeremiah Program by one of his clients many years ago. Their mission – “Helping families transform their lives from poverty to prosperity, two generations at a time” – is important to not just the Twin Cities, but also the many other communities where Jeremiah has expanded to since it’s founding in 1993.

Family is important to Peter – evidenced by how his face lights up when you ask about any of his children or grandchildren. That dedication to helping families is what draws him to Jeremiah Program – and its important place in our national conversation on generational poverty.

Jeremiah Program offers one of the nation’s most successful strategies for transforming families from poverty to prosperity two generations at a time. Jeremiah prepares determined single mothers to excel in the workforce, readies their children to succeed in school, and reduces generational dependence on public assistance.

For more information on Jeremiah Program – visit their website:https://jeremiahprogram.org. You may see Peter and his family at their annual gala – the Bull Frog Bash!

New Life Academy

Faith is a large part of Peter’s life – and it’s why he supports New Life Academy (NLA) in Woodbury, Minnesota. Their stated mission is “Our Mission at New Life Academy is to educate and energize each student to impact their world for Jesus Christ and to reach their full potential in scholarship, leadership and service out of love for God and one another.”

As a member of the Academy’s Governing Council, Peter puts many of the practices he works with clients on to good use – the Governing Council’s role is to develop strategic plans and oversight of NLA. Its role is to ensure the long-term viability and stability of NLA and to monitor the efforts of Academy leadership on living up to its mission, values and vision.

To learn more about New Life Academy and how you can support it, visit their website at: https://www.newlifeacademy.org