Soaring, Showing and Flutter Days

When somebody asks me how my day went, sometimes I tell them I had an Eagle Day.  I soared and made a significant difference in somebody’s life and lived my day as I had imagined.  Eagle Days are easy, much like how an eagle effortlessly soars through the air. They don’t have to work very hard, they are lifted by the power of the air and they get to be their powerful selves. 

On other days, they’ll hear me say I had a Cardinal day.  Those days are pretty great too.   A cardinal is a bird that is inherently beautiful and doesn’t have to work at it. They just are. They can’t take credit for being beautiful. There are some days where all I have to do is show up, do my thing and the result is a beautiful thing that doesn’t take much work. 

Some days are Sparrow days:  you just go from one task to another, not really sure what impact you are having, but you know that you are busy and productive and it’s a good day. 

Though I sometimes long for an eagle day, it isn’t in my control no matter how carefully I plan. Sometimes you just have to show up and be who you are and other people will see it as a beautiful thing. You can’t take credit for that. It’s just the way that you’re made and that’s what they are noticing. Those cardinal days are good too.  

In fact, all of these days are good days. It’s simply helpful to notice at the end what kind of day it was and think about the rest of the week.  What kind of day are you going to have tomorrow?

Answer the following questions for your current situation:

For me, Eagle Days are:

For me, Cardinal Days are:

For me, Sparrow Days are:

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  1. Peter, thank you for this. I love the thought process and the word pictures. I can relate to all three kind of days. This helps put into perspective the larger picture and trust God to work through me according to the tasks on the agenda and the way he has made me.

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